Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best Green and Sustainable Business Twitter Feeds

Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms, it is also a great way to follow a wide array of green feeds. Here are some of the best Twitter feeds for sustainable business and green news.

: A comprehensive sustainable business resource containing a wide range of articles and information.

: This Twitter feed includes environmental information and resources for companies and business professionals to go green and reduce their impact on the environment.

: A feed that explores green business, sustainability, low carbon and energy business industry news updates.

: This sustainable business feed contains green business news, green jobs, green investing and networking information.

: A directory for businesses with visibility into their sustainable and green practices. This feed explores what individual businesses, organizations and employers are doing to be green and sustainable.

: Feed concerning sustainable business designed to educate business leaders about sustainability.

ReutersGreenBusiness: This is a Twitter feed that keeps readers current with all the newest trends and ideas related to eco-friendly business practices.

Steve Momorella: A green business news feed that is focused on stories regarding alternative energy. This Twitter feed about eco-friendly products is dedicated to helping consumers to make green buying decisions.

Earth2Tech: Tweets revolve mainly around the cleantech industry and the people and businesses that keep it propelling ever forward.

Green Energy News: All the latest developments within the renewable energy industry. renewable energy. This group addresses sources of clean, reliable and safe sources of energy.

usgbc: The official Twitter feed of The United States Green Building Council. It contains a wealth of information on green building and compliance with specific green standards.

U.S. EPA: America’s official environmental agency feed, this federal government agency's tweet concern their role in protecting human health and the environment.

ecomagination: GE’s green Twitter feed contains the latest news on the company's sustainable initiatives.

SmartPlanet: Sponsored by IBM, the SmartPlanet Twitter feed covers general green news stories focusing on the technical and scientific.

Sierra Club: This wildlife protection charity has been active for over one hundred years, this feed discusses both environmental headlines and their own activities.

World Wildlife Fund: One of world's largest and most well-respected conservation organizations, the World Wildlife Fund keeps its Twitter followers updated regularly on its causes and research.

Nature Conservancy: This Twitter feed addresses a range of conservation issues and other concerns that directly impact upon nature.

National Wildlife: On this feed, National Wildlife Federation members tweet about the organization’s conservation efforts in addition to relevant articles on current events.

NatureNews: This is a nature focused feed, it is a scientific journal that offers daily links to some excellent green and conservation articles.

Ecological Society: This feed updates readers on the latest research and headlines concerning the health and safety of planet Earth.

Greenpeace: The official Twitter feed of this organization covers the latest stories and issues of planetary health of the planetary health including the earths ecosystems and wildlife.

GreenChange: This feed is intended for environmental activists, their content promotes “peace, justice [and] democracy” alongside eco-friendly initiatives.

WiserEarth: Peggy Duvette’s tweets are for social media enthusiasts who come together in the interest of saving the planet.

ENN News: This feed tweets headlines and links to its green news stories including sustainability and political issues.

Digg Environment: Environmental stories from Digg’s user-generated news aggregator. It includes everything from nature to green tech.

Green Meme: This feed is a green news aggregator that compiles headlines from all over the internet.

Iconic88: This news aggregator pieces together stories from across the web and offers a diverse selection of perspectives.

Yahoo! Green: Tweets about the latest news stories on climate, nature and sustainability.

Guardian Environment: The Guardian’s latest headlines on environmental news and views from around the world.

Green: This feed is from the green section of the New York Times.

The Climate Desk: A wide array of journalists address new findings and trends regarding climate change.

HuffPost Green: This Twitter feed includes environmental news and lifestyle. It is updated throughout the day. Advice about living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle as well as timely news on the latest relevant issues.

sustainablog: This microblog is dedicated to news, views and research regarding how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

quippd Environment: Read links and retweets to the latest news on green lifestyles, politics, sciences and more. The official Twitter feed of The site has a diverse array of reader friendly green content and discussions on environmental topics. Unique environmental reporting, providing visitors with discussions in addition to news stories.

Green Forum: This feed is intended for discussions on the latest news and views from around the green community.

ecosalon: A feed that includes a green forum for discussing the latest news and events regarding green initiatives.

Preston: A design-oriented site for sustainable homes, natural materials, and green technology. This feed facilitates conversations and alerts readers regarding new blog posts on serious environmental topics.

Wendy Koch: USA TODAY reporter Wendy Koch moderates the Green House community, which follows green living, environmental issues, green home building and sustainable communities. Koch tweets the latest environmental headlines and major green news stories.

Steffany Boldrini: This feed contains informative videos review all the newest green products on the market in order to help consumers know what to buy and what to avoid.

Terrence Murray: Tweets about viable, green energy sources.

Karl Burkart: This Twitter feed discusses environmental and technology news.

Hank Green: A Twitter feed for gadget junkies that marries technology and the environment.

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