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THE GREEN MARKET's Top 25 Environmental Stories of 2010

1. Green Education

Over the course of late summer and early fall 2010, THE GREEN MARKET published an extensive series on green educational programs. This series includes the web's most comprehensive review of the major environmental programs from online courses to PhDs.

Sustainable Education is Key to Accessing the Green Economy
Green Schools are Bridging the Knowledge Gap
Searchable Environmental Education Resources
Green School Census
Green Memes and Schools
Leading the Green Job Market with a Sustainable MBA
The University of Oregon's MBA and Green Chemistry
Marylhurst's MBA in Sustainable Business
MODUL University's Sustainable MSc
UBC`s PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies
Prescott College`s Ph.D in Sustainability
PhD in Innovation and Governance for Sustainable Development
Columbia University's PhD in Sustainable Development
Walden University's PhD in Sustainability Online Degree
Commonground University's Online Environmental Classes
West Michigan's Green Academic Offerings
Ferrum College's Climate Research Opportunities
Arizona State University's Sustainable Business Curriculum
Arizona State University and Green Supply Chains
Penn State's Online B.A. in Energy and Sustainability Policy
IMD and WWF's Sustainable Business Program
WWF's One Planet Leaders Program
CleanEdison LEED Building and Design Courses
Ecovillages Environmental Study Program
Sierra's Top 100 Cool Schools
The Princeton Review Green Colleges Honor Role 2010
Sustainable Education at South China Normal University
Green School in India: Shoolini University
The Green School In Bali
How to Become a Sustainability Officer
The Green Business League Sustainability Officer Training
AASHE Survey of Sustainability Positions in Higher Education
Green Education Options

2. Green Buildings

Green building got even bigger in 2010, the environmental, economic and social benefits of green building are revolutionizing construction methods and influencing design.

The Extraordinary Growth of Green Building
Green Building Environmental Benefits
Green Building Economic Benefits
Green Building Social Benefits
Green School Buildings
Green Buildings Combat Climate Change
Green School Buildings Health and Performance Benefits Part 1
Green School Buildings Health and Performance Benefits Part 2
Green School Buildings: The Many Benefits of Natural Lighting
Green School Buildings: The Many Benefits of Ventilation
The Future of Green School Buildings
CleanEdison Building and Design Courses
2010 Green Schools Summit Workshop & Conference
New York's Leed Certified Universities
USGBC's Green School Building Resources
Green School Rejuvenates Dying Town
The Implications of the Growth of Green Buildings
Top 10 Green Building Trends for 2010
Environmental Revolution: Building and Operations
The Green Building Focus Conference and Expo
World's Largest Green Building Conference & Expo
25 Blogs Leading the Sustainable Building Revolution
Top 10 Green Building Trends for 2010
The Green Building Focus Conference and Expo
NYC Public School's Green Initiatives
LAUSD Green School Initiatives
Da Vinci Arts Middle School in Portland
The University of Hong Kong's Sustainable Development
China Europe International Business School's Green Campus
China Turns to International Community on Green Buildings
International Community Schools China on Green Buildings

3. Green Social Media Activism

Green social media activism is an increasingly effective way of bringing about important changes to the way we deal with the environment. Businesses that are reluctant to make these changes on their own are being forced to respect the earth by a growing number of online activists. is a great example of a huge global environmental movement. Events like 10/10/10, Earth Day and Earth Hour are not only raising awareness, they serve as platforms for tangible actions in support of the environment. Technologies like video are a highly accessible social media that is widely disseminating environmental messages.

Environmental Activism and Social Media
Best Green and Sustainable Business Twitter Feeds
Social Action Driving Businesses to Adopt Sustainable Practices
EvanCarmichael's List of Top 50 Social Entrepreneurship Blogs's 10/10/10 Event
The Global Work Party and US Midterm Elections
Canada and's 10/10/10 Event
Letter of Thanks from Bill McKibben
Message of Thanks from the President of the Maldives
Global Work Party Events Around the Globe
Fossil Fuel Calamities and Deadly Weather Underscore the Urgency of the 10/10/10 Event
10/10/10 Global Work Party Message for Governments
10/10/10 Proves the Environmental Movement is Bigger than Ever
McKibben Calls Extreme Weather Events Climate Disasters
Bill McKibben Goes to the White House
White House Agrees to Put Solar On It
The Commericialization of Earth Day
Canon Reaffirms Green Procurement Program for Earth Day
At Target Everyday is Earth Day
Earth Day 2010: The Business of Green
Earth Day Tool Kit
Earth Day 2010: Life and Death Decisions for Business
The Business of Earth Hour and the Power of Social Media
China Participates in Earth Hour
Best Humerous Green Videos
Best Green Videos
Netvibes' Green Video Programming
Hulu's Green Video Programming
11 Best Green Video Channels or Series
11 Sites that Specialize in Green Video Content
11 Biggest Video Sites for Green Content
5 Key Elements of a Successful Online Video
Video Sharing Strategy in 12 Simple Steps
Online Video Consumption
Green Video Sharing

4. Greener Vehicles

Greener vehicles are hard to ignore, every major car maker is greening its vehicles, in the US, one third of new vehicles were greener vehicles. Innovative business models and new partnerships are driving greener vehicles so that they can take advantage of economies of scale.

Improving Battery Technology Key to Greener Cars
Innovative Business Models and New Partnerships ar...
Electric Vehicles Need New Business Models
Growing Demand for Greener Vehicles
The Value of Electric Vehicle Subsidies
2010 Automotive X Prize and Incentives to Innovate...
GM Funding New EV Company
BMW Investing in EVs
Mercedes-Benz Hybrids and Electric Cars
Competition in the 2011 Greener Car Market
Volt Wins Green Car of the Year Award
The Chevrolet Volt Versus the Nissan Leaf
EPA's New Mileage Estimates for the Volt and the L...
America's New Fuel Efficiency Standards
House Lawmakers Oppose New Car Ratings
America's New Car Ratings: Consumer Concerns and M...
US Government's New Car Ratings
Fuel Efficient Classic Small Cars
World's Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell
The Hazards of Hydrogen Vs. the Effects of Climate Change
Honda's Hydrogen Powered FCX Clarity FCEV
Honda's Solar-Hydrogen Powered Future
Hyundai's Fuel Efficiency Leadership and Growing Market Share
GM Breakthrough Reduces Emissions
Toyota and Tesla Making Electric Sedan
Honda's CR-Z and Second Generation Hybrids
Private Public Cooperation Behind SA Joule
Volkswagen's Dirty Automotive Brands
Jaguar XJ: A Greener Luxury Car
E-Range: World's First Fully Electric 4x4
The FIAT 500 is Coming to America
The Winners of the UK's What Car? Green Awards 2010
Competition in the Green Vehicle Market
Porsche and Audi`s Greener Vehicles
Volkswagen's Greener Vehicles
Germany and the Global Competition for EV Supremacy
Governments and the Growth of EVs
Electric Vehicles Combat Smog
Electric Vehicles Combat Global Warming
Electric Vehicle Bill Passes Energy Committee
Video Greening Vehicle Fleets
Video Trailer: Revenge of the Electric Car
Video: Chevrolet Volt Test Drive
Video: Chevrolet Volt Vs. Nissan Leaf

5. Sustainable Business Best Practices and Guidelines

As businesses are increasingly seeing the value of going green they are looking for best practices and guidelines to help them to make the transition. As a matter of competitiveness and even survival, going green is a strategic priority for many businesses.

Sustainable Practices are a Strategic Priority for...
Sustainable Business Methods, Strategy, Management and Reporting Midwest Best Practices Conference for Sustainable Communities
ISO 14020 Series: Three Types of Environmental Labels and Declarations
ISO Principles for Environmental Labels and Claims
The History and Value of Environmental Labeling
Standards are Required to Combat Eco-label and Eco-Certification Confusion
G3 Guidelines and GRI Sustainability Reporting
Best Practices for Communicating Sustainability
Best Practices for Engaging Employees in Sustainability
Best Practices for Sustainable Businesses
Sustainable Supply Chains
Puma's Sustainable Supply Chain
Walmart and HP's Sustainable Supply Chains
IT Sector Should Leverage Their Supply Chains
Sustainability is an Unstoppable Megatrend
The Overwhelming Logic of Sustainable Business
Environmental Revolution: Leadership and Morale
Environmental Revolution: Honest Marketing
Environmental Revolution: Technology Certification
Environmental Revolution: Building and Operations
Sustainable Successes and Failures
Sustainable Brands 2010
Cititec ISO Environmental Management
Canadian Guidelines on Environmental Claims
GE’s Immelt Calls Current US Energy Policy "Stupid...
GE's Investments in Green are Paying Off
Wells Fargo and the Cleantech Open Competition
Canadian Tire's Sustainability Leadership
Cannon`s Green Efforts Under Fire
Climate Counts: Businesses Combating Climate Change

6. Sustainability Driven Innovation

The new green economy is driving innovation and smart businesses seeing the value of sustainability driven innovation.

Sustainability is a Catalyst for Innovation
An Integrative Approach to Eco-Innovation
10 Steps to Sustainability-Driven Innovation
Innovation and the Development of Sustainable Products or Processes
Sustainable Brands Innovation Open Finalists
Social Capitalism
EC Climate Change Action Strategy
Global Social Benefit Incubator

7. Sustainable Stock

Sustainable stock continues to grow in 2010. This is not only a great way to support the green economy, green stock also offers significant returns for investors. The phenomenal performance of efficiency, wind, solar and geothermal plays were reviewed. Lithium stock represents a major green market opportunity.

Sustainable Stock
Sustainable Stock Offers More than Extraordinary Returns
Review of The Green Market's Sustainable Stock Portfolios and Future Prospects
Energy Efficient Lighting Stock Review and Future Prospects
Energy Efficient (Smart) Grid Stock Review and Future Prospects
Geothermal Stock Review and Future Prospects
Wind Stock Review and Future Prospects
Solar Stock Review and Future Prospects
Sustainable Investing and Long Term Thinking
Energy Efficiency: Home Market & Smart Grid
Solar Energy: Deals, Mergers and Acquisitions
Policies Contributing to More Robust Climate Risk Disclosure
Investors Prompt SEC To Provide Guidance on Companies Climate Change Disclosure
Lithium is the Right Stock at the Right Time for the Right Reasons
Mobile Electronics are Driving Demand for Lithium
Electric Vehicles Will Drive Demand for Lithium
Lithium is the Next Big Investment Opportunity
Lithium Power Benefits Investors and the Environment

8. UNFCCC and COP16

Despite low expectations we saw some progress at COP16 this year, including the areas of finance and REDD. Judging by the progress we saw at COP16, it looks as though the UNFCCC process is back on track.

The Cancun Climate Agreements Achieved at COP16
COP16 Market Based Finance Mechanisms
What Can Be Achieved At COP16
Reduction of Non-CO2 Emissions at COP16
Yvo de Boer on the Future of the UNFCCC
UNFCCC Executive Secretary Tells Governments to Get Real for COP16
UN Climate Change Meeting Commences in Tianjin China
The Resignation of Head UN Climate Change Negotiator Yvo de Boer
The Business Community's Silence on United Nations Climate Change Negotiations
Ongoing Deadlock on Climate Treaty Despite Extreme Weather
Lowering Expectations for UN Climate Negotiations
Video of Steven Chu at COP16: Building a Sustainab...
Copenhagen Accord: Global Emissions Cuts
Copenhagen Accord: Canada to Reduce its GHG Emissions by 17%
Copenhagen Accord: US Pledges to Reduce GHGs by 17%

9. G20 and the Economics of the Environment

The G20 continues to work towards a greener economy, including global climate finance and technology transfer. They remain instrumental to the goal of finding solutions to our environmental peril.

The G20 and the Transition to a Greener Economy
The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Spain Renews its Commitment to Clean Energy at the G20 Conference
Greenpeace's G20 Checklist
Korea's Green Growth and the New Expanison Paradigm
Video on Green Growth - Korea's Key to a Better Future
UN Hopeful about G20 Climate Finance
Canadians Disappointed with Conservative's Lack of leadership at the Toronto G20 Summit
UN Climate Change Initiatives Post Toronto
G20 Summit in Toronto Ends with Little Action on Climate Change
G20 Must Cooperate for a Sustainable Recovery
G20 and Central Bank Governors Joint Communique
G20 Disagreements and Global Economic Reforms
The G8's Competing National Priorities
Program and Plans for G8 and G20 Summits in Canada
The G20 and the Green Economy
UN Chief Asks G20 to Focus on a Sustainable Recovery
G20 Security Concerns Force Cancellation of Sustainable Supply Chain Event
Global Warming Exposes Resources but Arctic Meeting Leaves Some Out in the Cold

10. Green Jobs and the Growth of Cleantech

Green jobs are growing around the world. However, in the US, despite private sector initiatives, the lack of legislative support is impeding the growth of green jobs.

How to Land a Green Job
Video: Green Jobs
Democrats the Environment and Green Jobs
Clean Tech Job Trends 2010 Report: Manufacturing Issues and Recommendations
Clean Tech Job Trends 2010 Report: Growth and Global Competition
The Green Business League Sustainability Officer Training
The Growth of Green School Sustainability Officers
How to Become a Sustainability Officer
A Green Jobs Bill Will Have to Wait
Growing US Corporate Investments are Driving Cleantech in 2010 Small Business, Green Technology and Creativity
The Growth of the Green Market
Codexis IPO Bodes Well for Cleantech
Video: The Wisdom of Private Sector Investments in...

11. BP Spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the Future of Oil

The largest oil spill in American history ravaged the gulf of Mexico. Almost 5 million gallons of crude were responsible for the death of marine and coastal life.

Obama Presidency and the Gulf Oil Spill
Responsibility for the Costs of the Gulf Oil Spill
BP's Corporate Irresponsibility
The Costs of Offshore Drilling
Managing the Massive Gulf Oil Spill
Two More Reasons to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels
Offshore Oil is an Avoidable Tragedy
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Capped
Limbaugh Blames the Sierra Club for Oil Spill
Reigning in Irresponsible Oil Giants Chevron and Exxon Mobil
The Economic Calamity of Peak Oil
Peak Oil
Peak Oil Conference
Independence Day 2010: Declaration of Freedom from Fossil Fuels
End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

12. President Obama and the Democrats

Despite the President's efforts, the Democrats failed to support his climate and energy agenda.

Obama Makes Good on Executive Order to Reduce the Federal Government's GHGs
Obama Renews His Commitments to Clean Energy and Small Business
Preview of Obama's State of the Union Address
Excerpts from President Obama's State of the Union Address
Excerpts of President Obama's Address from the Oval Office
President Obama's "HomeStar" Program
Legislation Through Reconciliation
The Passage of Health Care Legislation and Implications for the Environment
Senate Democrats and the Environmental Agenda
Democrats Learning the Wrong Lesson from Republicans
House Democrats Punished Despite Populist Pandering
Democrats the Environment and Green Jobs
4 Principles for Climate and Energy Legislation
Government Energy Policy the Environment and the Economy
The EPA Proposes Cleaner Air

13. Republican Obstructionism

The Republican party resisted the Democrats legislative agenda bringing obstructionism to an all time high. Washington is broken, and Republicans are to blame.

Republican Gubernatorial Gains and Redistricting
Republican Gubernatorial Gains and US Carbon Trading Programs
Republican Gubernatorial Gains and the Clean Energy Economy
Video: How to Get People to Vote for Climate Change
The Foxes in the Henhouse: Republicans in Charge of Climate and Energy Committees
Republicans for Environmental Protection
GOP's Environmental Roots
Conservatism is Green
Red States and Green Consumers
Republican Political Finance and the 2010 Midterm Elections
Republicans Undermining Climate Legislation
Cap-and-Trade Legislation Faces Opposition

14. US Midterm Election

Republican victories in the US midterm elections have unfortunate implications for legislation and the American democracy.

Republican Political Finance and the 2010 Midterm Elections
Environmental Issues in Six Key Senate Races
Election 2010 Midterm Predictions
Democrat's Chances in the 2010 Midterms
Republican's Anti-Science Stance on Global Warming
Republican Strategy for the 2010 Midterms and Beyond
The 2010 Midterms and the Fight Against Climate Change

15. The Koch Brothers War on Green

Corporate powerhouses like the Koch brothers are at war with efforts to manage climate change and they are undermining the democratic process.

Koch Industries Financing Climate Denial
Koch Industries' Environmental Crimes
Koch Industries Destroys the Environment and Funds Climate Denial
The Kochs' War Against Obama and the Democrats
The Kochs' Americans for Prosperity Undermines Cap-and-Trade
The Kochs' Citizens for a Sound Economy Feigned Grassroots
The Kochs' Mercatus Center and Environmental Deregulation
The Kochs' Cato Institute's Climate Denial
Koch Industries War with the EPA
Supreme Court and the Koch Brothers Clandestine War
The Koch Brothers' No Climate Tax Pledge
The Kochs' Climate Science Denial
Koch Industries War on Industry Oversight and Environmental Regulation
The Kochs' Spending on Political Influence
Koch Industries and the Tea Party's Corporate "Grassroots"
The Kochs' Tea Party Republicans and Climate Change Denial
Video Linking the Kochs' and the Tea Party

16. Undermining Efforts to Manage Climate Change and Getting Through to Deniers

Forces beholden to the old energy economy are undermining efforts to manage climate change. These forces have even managed to use the courts to further their climate denial. However, there are arguments that resonate with some of those who support climate denial.

Protecting the Planet from Corporate Influence
Supreme Court Decision Undermines Climate Change Legislation
How to get Through to Climate Change Deniers
Climate Change is an Economic and a Security Issue
Government Energy Policy the Environment and the Economy

17. Tea Party Climate Change Denial

The Tea Party is a depressing new form of conservatism that wants to return to all that was wrong with America. This new wave of climate change denial may have sinister roots, but they are undeniably popular and they are unlikely to go away any time soon.

Tea Party's Climate Change Denial
Tea Party Candidates and O'Donnell's Constitution Confusion
Tea Party Bolsters Republican Commitment to Obstructionism
Koch Industries and the Tea Party's Corporate "Grassroots"
The Kochs' Tea Party Republicans and Climate Change Denial
Video Linking the Kochs' and the Tea Party

18. Sarah Palin's Climate Denial

Sarah Palin continues to operate from the margins of the political process. Despite her contempt for the environment, her growing popularity positions her as a front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

Sarah Palin: Tea Party Queen but No Friend of Green
Palin Blames Environmentalists for BP Oil Spill
Sarah Palin Belongs on Fox Not Discovery
Palin Renews Call for Offshore Oil Exploitation

19. Holiday Consumerism and the Environment

A new form of consumerism continues to unfold, people are increasingly using their wallets to vote for greener products and greener ways to shop.

Green Gifts for the Holidays
Cyber Monday 2010
Green Shopping on Black Friday
Thanksgiving: Learning to Live in Harmony with the Environment
Online Consumers and E-Commerce: Holiday Season 2009 and Implications for 2010
Easter and the Environment
Consumers Continue to Embrace the Burgeoning Green Market
Green Halloween Suggestions
Scary Halloween Consumer Statistics

20. Canada's Environmental Inaction

Canada may be the home of pristine nature, but under the stewardship of the Harper Conservatives, it is increasingly at odds with the environment and the will of the Canadian people.

Canada's Conservative Government Opposes Kyoto and...
Green Market Opportunity Being Missed by Canada
WWF's Canadian Living Planet Report
Canada's Conservative Government at Odds with the Public on Climate Change
Why Canadian Environment Minister Resigned
Conservatives Ignore Canadians While Jeopardizing the Environment and the Economy
Canada is a World Leader in GHG Emissions
Canadians Disappointed with Conservative's Lack of leadership at the Toronto G20 Summit

21. California's Environmental Leadership

Calaifornia continues to show the rest of America and the world what the future will look like. Their environmental leadership also has positive economic ramifications.

California's Proposition 23
California's Government Partnerships are Driving the Green Economy
Oakland's Green Jobs and Energy Initiatives
Berkeley's Climate Action Plan
Smarter Cities' Best Green American Municipalities
World Mayors Summit on Climate
The Green California Community College Summit

22. Water Management

Water is an increasingly scarce resource and efforts are underway to bring the issues surrounding this resource into focus.

Solutions to the World Water Crisis
Alarming Facts About Water
Blog Action Day 2010: Raising Awareness about Water
Investing in Water
First International Water Hour

23. Global Environmental Events

a Range of environmental events are bringing the environment into focus. Events throughout the year help to bring people to the table to manage environmental degradation.

Calendar of Global Environmental Events - Fall 2010
Calendar of Global Environmental Events Summer 2010
Calendar of Global Environmental Events Spring 2010
Global Wind Day
World Animal Day 2010
World Habitat Day 2010
Endangered Species
World Day to Combat Desertification 2010
World Car Free Day and Fossil Fuel Powered Cars
Growth in World Population Threatens Environment
World Population Day 2010: Everyone Counts
Environmental Impact of Overpopulation and Sustainable Development
Extreme Weather

24. Green Conferences and Summits

A large and growing number of conferences and summits are helping to share important information that can help the business community, governments and citizens manage our environmental challenges.

Montreal 2010 World Energy Congress
Conference on Pricing Carbon Emissions
Start and the Electric Eco-Car Spectacular
The 2010 World Energy Technologies Summit
France's Innovation in Renewable Energy on Display
Business for the Environment Global Summit
NYSE Green Summit
Green Festival`s Business Seminars
CleanTech Open Conference
GreenBiz Innovation Forum 2010
Opportunity Green Business Conference Networking Event and Awards
2010 Green Schools Summit Workshop & Conference
The Clean Energy Manufacturing Summit
GOVgreen Conference & Expo
The Green California Community College Summit

25. Big Cola's Environmental Marketing

In the 70's big cola (Coke and Pepsi) went on war over which soft drink was better, this year big cola is fighting to determine which cola company is more socially responsible including efforts to promote and act on environmental issues.

Coke's Zero Waste Carbon Neutral Sponsorship
Pepsi Refresh Project's Cause Marketing Videos

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