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Portfolio 21's Top 10 Green Investments for 2011

Portfolio 21 invests exclusively in companies with an explicit commitment to the environment, this includes attributes like greener products, sustainable business practices, efficient production methods, and use of renewable energy. Portfolio 21 looked at 2000 companys and invested approximately $400 million in 99 businesses in 21 countries. On December 30, 2010, CSRwire, announced Portfolio 21's (PORTX) top 10 Green Companies for 2011.

"We believe the best long-term investment opportunities are found in companies using environmental frameworks to make business decisions. These companies have clearly demonstrated the qualities of innovation and leadership that create a distinct competitive advantage and should build long-term value for investors," said CEO and Chief Investment Officer Leslie Christian.

1. ABB provides power and automation technologies that enable a wide range of industries, including utilities, to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. ABB is also the world's largest supplier of the electrical heart of wind turbines. ABB's products are well positioned to respond to the global demand for reliable and efficient electricity delivery.

2. Cisco provides networking products and services for home and business communications. The company is positioned to respond to the global demand for data centers, cloud computing, and collaborative technologies that minimize travel and associated environmental impacts. In 2010, Cisco further improved its competitive position within the virtual communications sector through its acquisition of another Portfolio 21 holding, Tandberg.

3. Eaton provides electrical systems and components for power distribution that reduce energy use. Eaton's customers include renewable energy and hybrid vehicle companies. In 2010, Eaton joined the Department of Energy's Save Energy Now LEADER program, pledging to reduce the company's own energy use by 25%, indexed to sales, between 2006 and 2016.

4. Growthpoint is a real estate management company with a portfolio of commercial, retail, and industrial properties in South Africa and Australia. Recognizing that buildings consume 40%-50% of the world's energy, Growthpoint is leading the implementation of green building and energy saving practices in South Africa and is an active participant in development of the country's first commercial green building standards.

5. IBM's hardware and software business services assist customers in reducing energy consumption and costs. For example, this year IBM and Schneider Electric (another Portfolio 21 Top 10 pick) announced a new combined solution to manage energy efficiency in buildings. IBM has made impressive reductions of its own greenhouse gas emissions and is part of the Green Power Market Development Group and the Chicago Climate Exchange.

6. Johnson Matthey's core skills are in catalysis, precious metals, and fine chemicals. Catalysts are seen as a boon to green chemistry because they enable chemical reactions to be carried out under milder conditions, require less energy, and use fewer toxic chemicals and solvents. Chemical catalysts are also expected to help produce clean fuels, convert waste and green raw materials into energy, and improve emissions from combustion engines.

7. Novozymes is the world leader in biotechnology-based industrial enzymes and microorganisms. These enzyme products can reduce the use of energy, raw materials, and harsh chemicals, as well as reducing waste. In 2010, Novozymes launched a new enzyme product to produce fuel from agricultural waste, which is a competitive alternative to gasoline in both price and performance.

8. Ormat is a geothermal and recovered energy company. The company also has efforts in thermal solar and biomass. Ormat has installed approximately 1,300 MW of geothermal and Recovered Energy Generation power plants. Favorable regulatory environments and governmental initiatives to promote clean energy are creating potential for Ormat to grow in established and new markets.

9. Schneider Electric provides energy automation, monitoring, and control solutions for utilities, buildings, and other infrastructure uses. The company also makes energy saving devices and power supply equipment for solar and wind power systems. In 2010, Schneider continued its partnership with IBM to launch a new system for data center energy management.

10. Tennant Company is a leader in equipment for floor maintenance and outdoor cleaning, specializing in chemical-free products. Utilizing the Natural Step Framework, the company studies the life-cycle environmental impacts of its products. Tennant currently offers an eco-friendly portfolio of products, including Green Seal-certified cleaning agents, and its ec-H2O cleaning machine, which requires only water and no added chemicals.

A more detailed profile on each company is available at Portfolio 21.

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