Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sustainable Brands Conference 2011

Registration is now open for the Sustainable Brands Conference 2011, which will take place June 7-10. The Sustainable Brands Conference studies innovative approaches to sustainability. It is the preeminent international conference for executives who are looking to understand the market drivers and leading-edge strategies, tactics and tools for building business and brand value.

Sustainable Brands is attended by the brand leaders of tomorrow, including over 700 leading sustainability, brand strategy, product design and communications executives from top global brands as well as bonfire start-ups, NGOs and leading solutions providers. Here are some of the leading sustainable brand innovators who came to Sustainable Brands '10.

Speakers at the conference will address dynamic economic, environmental and societal realities as they pertain to what they do, how they do it and the way that they communicate.

The conference will also address the following issues:
How 'design for behavior change' is being implemented in product and communications design to help support consumer desire to do the right thing.
How Open Innovation is set to pave the way for faster innovation by smart, strategic brand leaders.
What new tools are coming to market to help you manage, measure and report your environmental impact.
Why CSR as we know it is dead and what comes next.
Why today's youth will ensure tomorrow's sustainable brand marketplace.
Who's building successful, collaborative cross-sector partnerships, and how they've set down their spears to build a productive relationship
The value of brand communities or tribes and why sustainable brands are well equipped to build one
How consumers really value cause marketing campaigns
What's the latest on putting social media to work to build your brand more economically while strengthening your relationship with stakeholders

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