Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Fate of the Democrats is Tied to Green Jobs

Obama laid out his clean energy plan in his State of the Union address. The President indicated that he would like to see 80 percent of US power coming from “clean” sources by 2035, including renewables.

Federal incentives help renewable energy to grow and creates jobs. In the US, government incentives would enable the country to compete against Europe and China, where governments have provided lavish incentives and strong financial support.

The federal government along with many state governments see green technology as an engine of economic growth and job creation. There are millions of jobs and trillions in revenue emerging from the green economy. Fast-growing clean technology is the only sector that can offer such a significant number of new jobs.

As President Obama said, "there is perhaps no industry with more potential to create jobs now and growth in the coming years, than clean energy."

State regulations have helped the renewable energy industry in California and other states helped the industry establish itself.

As China and other nations are investing massively in renewable energy, it would be disastrous for America to ignore this colossal opportunity.

The Democrats need to see an improvement in the jobless rate for political reasons. Like the Democrats, Obama's political future is tied to green jobs, as no President has ever been reelected with an unemployment rate above 8 percent.

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