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Bullfrog Power and Canada's JUNO Awards

On Sunday, March 27th, 2011, the JUNOs, (Canada's top music awards event)celebrated their 40th anniversary with the help of green power from Bullfrog.

The JUNO Awards are presented annually to Canadian musical artists and bands to acknowledge their artistic and technical achievements in all aspects of music. The JUNO Awards are organized by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAs) and this year, thanks to Bullfrog Power, the electricity requirements of the Juno Awards were met with clean, renewable electricity.

Bullfrog provided 568 MWh of electricity on behalf of the JUNOs. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 58 homes. Bullfrog helped to reduce the energy footprint of the Canadian Music Awards by decreasing the event's C02 emissions. The awards also helped to increase awareness of the importance of renewable energy in Canada.

This year marks the fourth year that Bullfrog has partnered with CARAS and the first year that all of the electricity requirements of the CARAS office and all JUNO Awards events were bullfrogpowered.

Bullfrog's participation is part of a comprehensive strategy that includes the use of newly launched CSA Standards event sustainability and management standard (CSA Z2010), which requires that CARAS integrate consideration of environmental, social, and economic impacts into various areas of the planning and management of the event.

This strategy involves engaging and encouraging all JUNO partners to minimize and manage waste, decrease the consumption of water and energy, reduce their carbon footprint, and purchase environmentally and socially responsible goods and services.

As the first users of the new event sustainability management standard, CARAS and the JUNO Awards are playing a unique role in the development and promotion of new sustainability guidelines and requirements in Canada.

"We have an important role to play in promoting sustainability in the Canadian music and events industry," said Chris Topping, Vice President, Events & Special Programming, CARAS / The JUNO Awards. "We're proud to be working with Bullfrog Power to reduce the environmental impact of the 2011 JUNO Awards and to set a positive example for other event organizers and musicians to follow."

Through the agreement, Bullfrog Power's generators inject renewable electricity onto the regional grid to match the amount of power the CARAS office and JUNO Awards events use.

"Bullfrog Power applauds CARAS for supporting renewable energy and for pioneering guidelines to reduce the environmental impact of the 2011 JUNO Awards and other Canadian events," said Tom Heintzman, President, Bullfrog Power. "We're pleased to be working with the organization for the fourth year in a row to send the message that there are easy ways for event organizers to take action on climate change."

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