Saturday, March 26, 2011

Climate Care Day: An Environmental Event for Business

Following the success of Earth Hour, Climate Care Day is an initiative to encourage global businesses to replace all corporate travel with remote meetings. As dispersed and mobile workforces become an increasing reality for corporations, a global sustainability movement that supports both responsible and profitable business operations makes sense.

This day is intended to raise awareness of the importance of climate change - the 21st century’s number one environmental issue - and demonstrate how simple choices can make a significant difference to the environment. It recognizes the importance of the planet to both the business community and our personal well being.

Climate Care Day makes complete business sense. Global conferencing and the Internet help companies reduce significant costs, improve productivity, save time and create a better work-life balance for employees, all while cutting carbon emissions.

Climate care is now a mainstream business issue and companies have a critical role to play in reducing carbon emissions. Climate Care Day enables businesses to make a difference through easy and practical alternatives that make economic sense.

Business travel can represent more than 50 per cent of a company’s carbon footprint. Reviewing alternatives to corporate travel is one of the most effective, and easiest, ways of reducing CO2 emissions.

Visit Climate Care Day to register and then forward the email you will receive to your business contacts, friends and acquaintances to start spreading the word.

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