Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour for Business

Earth Hour has called on businesses and organizations to show leadership by committing to lasting action for the planet when the lights come back on. "We are calling on businesses and organisations to use the annual lights-out event as a time to make a commitment to lasting action for the planet, beyond the hour," said Andy Ridley, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Earth.

Switching off the lights is only the beginning. Earth Hour is not just for one hour. It’s about making a commitment to ongoing change that reduces your impact on the environment and celebrating your commitment to the planet with the people of the world during Earth Hour.

This year, Earth Hour, has garnered support from global companies and organisations as diverse as: Nokia, PwC, The Girl Scouts, FIFA, the International Olympic Committee, Canon, Baidu, Naver, National Geographic Channel Asia, Bloomberg, Starcom, Pocoyo, Clearchannel, Credit Suisse AG, Coca Cola, IKEA, Goldman Sachs, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Hostel World and CB Richard Ellis.

Businesses are in a great position tothen take action. Businesses are contributing to the global pursuit of environmental betterment. Beyond turning off the lights of their premises between 8:30 and 9:30 on March 26, businesses are encouraging staff and customers to participate.

Most importantly, businesses are encouraging efforts that go beyond the hour by implementing practices and offering services that enable staff and customers to make ongoing changes to reduce their impact on the planet.

Many businesses are communicating Earth Hour to their staff using emails, newsletters, posters, intranet, SMS, websites, staff associations and committees. This has encouraged staff, colleagues and their families to take part in Earth Hour. Businesses are sharing their Earth Hour efforts with their other offices both nationally and globally. Some of the most responsible businesses are communicating their Earth Hour efforts with their partners, clients, suppliers and other networks.

Businesses are showing their support by including a link to the Earth Hour website, including a reference to Earth Hour in their communications (email, SMS bulletins, bills, statements, catalogues and other material). Businesses are also spreading the Earth Hour message through their facilities, stores, branches and products. Here are some of the ways businesses are committing to cutting costs while reducing their impacts on the planet all year round:

  • Turning off lights after hours in offices or installing motion-sensor lighting.

  • Installing energy saving lights bulbs and devices (e.g. timers on lighting).

  • Turning off printers, computers, monitors, microwaves and coffee machines at the power points at the end of the day when unused for long periods.

  • Switching your business’ electricity to Gold Standard Green Power.

  • Providing and encouraging staff to use recycling facilities.

  • Involve your staff in everyday change. Elect Earth Hour Monitors for your business,whose job it is to ensure lights are out and appliances are off standby at the end of each working day.

  • When communicating with tenants, customers, other offices and staff, make sure they are aware that your involvement in Earth Hour symbolises your commitment to go beyond the hour with an action that benefits the environment.
Businesses have registered their actions and are sharing their ongoing actions for the planet with the people of the world. With the help of the business community we can expect to see the biggest Earth Hour ever.

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