Thursday, March 24, 2011

Green Madness Competition

The Green Market is proud to be a sponsor of GreenMadness is a new game designed to make it fun to help save the Earth from the perils of climate change. From March 20 to April 22, 2011, you can take part and compete to win.

First, you register. Then, you join a team (the 32 teams represent each of the college basketball winners since 1980). Then, you log in and select from a list of Green Actions. These are activities like unplugging your computer when not in use, or putting a soda bottle filled with rocks in your toilet tank to reduce water consumption. Once you choose them, you are promising to complete the action (this is your green pledge).

These green actions benefit the planet by lowering your consumption of energy or reducing your use of natural resources.

Each time you "check-in" an action as complete, you score points. These points will be tallied and every week, teams will be eliminated.

  • By Sunday March 27, there will be 16 teams left.
  • By Sunday April 3, only eight teams will remain.
  • By Sunday April 10, only four teams will be standing.
  • By Sunday April 17, there will be two contenders.
  • The winning team will be announced on Earth Day: Friday, April 22.

  • Play. Save energy. Conserve natural resources. And go mad for green!! For more details or to register click here.

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