Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sierra Club Water Sentinels

Sierra Club Water Sentinels are the first line of defense of America's waters. Water Sentinels work to protect, improve and restore our waters by fostering alliances to promote water quality monitoring, public education and citizen action.

We live on the water planet. All living things, our weather, the seasons and our climate are dependent upon water. However, water is a finite resource with only about one percent of the world's water actually being available for human consumption. Water pollution and overuse are threatening both the quality and quantity of our water resources at an alarming rate.

Water sentinels are behind projects across America. The Sierra Club's Water Sentinels Program works to inform and empower citizens to monitor, protect, and improve their local waterways. They organize a variety of projects including river and stream cleanups, citizen training to test their local waterways for harmful substances, provide environmental education and outdoor activities for children.

Click here to see a map that explains what Water Sentinels teams around the country are doing.

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