Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bill McKibben and the 350 Team's Global Strategies for 2011

Bill McKibben and the 350 team's conference call on April 3, 2011, involved organizers from all over the world including Brunei, Ghana, Sweden, Spain, England, the Maldives, Italy, Canada, India, Germany, Abu Dhabi, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Georgia, Burundi, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and South Africa. During this call, the 350.org team also shared their regional strategies for 2011.

Sarah Rifaat, the mideast coordinator based in Cairo, and the newest member of the 350.org team, said "this is a very exciting time for Egypt." The aspirations of the 350 team are truly global in scope. As Rifaat explained, "Everyone, no matter where they come from have common desires," she said in the conference call. She went on to say that this is an opportunity for more social movements to happen in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East and around the world.

In additon to the "Moving Planet" campaign, The 350 team has plans for various regions around the globe in 2011. Chaitanya Kumar from Hyderabad, India, described the 350 goal of putting pressure on governments. The South Asia 350 coordinator indicated that their goal is to encourage grassroots activism against coal fired power emissions as well as redefining development.

African initiatives will urge people to take to the streets. Due to the fact that Africa has some of the highest unemployment rates in the world, the emphasis will be on climate jobs and local significance of 350.org.

All regions including the Pacific and Europe are pushing for renewable energy laws and sustainable transportation.

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