Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bill McKibbon and the 350 Team's "Moving Planet" Campaign

On April 3rd, 2011, Bill McKibben and the 350 team gave organizers advanced insight into the new campaign known as "Moving Planet" in a global conference call. As explained by McKibben, it is time to get moving because governments around the world have failed to take legislative action curtailing carbon dioxide (C02). this new day of global action scheduled for September 24, 2011.

The lack of climate change legislation in the US is the single biggest obstacle to global action. Mass action is required as a counter-force to the fossil fuel industry which is aggressively lobbying US lawmakers.

Bill McKibbon joined the conference call from his home in Vermont. Bill started by thanking everyone, he went on to say that he expects this year to be "the most exciting year yet," in global efforts to reign in climate change causing CO2.

The 350 team has organized some remarkable events over the last two years including last year's Global Work Party and a solid understanding of the science behind the number 350 as the upper safe limit for CO2.

This year's "Moving Planet" campaign emphasizes the need to be in motion, it asks people to move with purpose to deliver a global demand for action on climate change. For 24 hours on September 24th, people will be in motion with a common message designed to make things move in the fight against climate change.

A variety of low carbon transportation mediums will be used for this event including bicycles, skateboards and canoes. Whether you walk, run, cycle or ride, people are asked to move with purpose. The campaign will also explore the meaning of 350 in specific places all around the world.

This has got to be the year when we get that motion underway. The effort to engage the battle against climate change is the biggest fight we have ever faced and solidarity is extraordinarily important

As this is an advanced preview, the "Moving Planet" website is not yet up and running but it will be up in a couple of weeks, at which point everyone can sign up for the 2011 campaign.

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