Monday, April 11, 2011

Leadnow's Declaration For Change wants to help Canadians move beyond today's political division and short-term thinking, and get to work on the shared challenges of our time. Across geographies and generations, in local communities and online, thousands of Canadians are coming together to create a new kind of politics.

Based on more than 80 local gatherings across the country and an online engagement initiative, Leadnow has issued a “declaration for change," a call for politicians across the political spectrum to co-operate for progress on some of the major challenges facing Canada.

The declaration for change, calls for political cooperation to build a stronger democracy that protects te environment and creates economic opportunity. It also calls for equality, and guarantees that everyone receives the care they need.

Those who sign the declaration of change commit to support action and vote for the politicians who will:

-Establish climate legislation to meet international and science-based targets
-Invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency and home retrofits
-End subsidies to fossil fuel companies

-Establish a plan with clear targets to reduce poverty and provide affordable housing
-Improve access to high quality post-secondary education and reduce student debt
-Ensure access to affordable quality child care and early childhood education

-Create an open government plan to increase transparency and accountability
-Initiate a citizen-led process for a referendum on electoral reform
-Make it easier for people to participate directly in government decision-making

-Ensure universal access to high quality and publicly administered health care
-Invest in programs that prevent illness and promote wellness
-Create a national strategy to increase mental health support

Leadnow is providing Canadians with information, analysis and tools to ask politicians whether they support these priorities, what measures they would take to give them life, and how they would pay for them.

Click here to sign the Declaration for Change.

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