Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PUMA's Sustainable Packaging Innovation

In 2010 PUMA launched its innovative packaging solution known as the “clever little bag”, conceived in partnership with Yves Béhar. The company says new packaging initiatives will reduce cardboard use by 65 percent. Less packaging materials, means less use of water and energy to produce. This innovative solution reduces carbon emissions by 10,000 tons per year.

The Clever Little Bag has integrated the features of a traditional cardboard shoebox into a re-usable shoe bag. Reducing raw materials and the resources needed to make them.

PUMA will reduce water, energy and diesel consumption on the manufacturing level by more than 60% per year. This translates to saving approximately 8,500 tons of paper, 20 million Megajoules of electricity, 1 million litres less of fuel oil used and 1 million litres of water saved.

The Clever Little Bag also saves emissions and costs in shipping. Because it is smaller and lighter the Clever Little Bag provides reductions in transportation related emissions while reducing diesel fuel requirements by half a million litres.

The replacement of traditional shopping bags with the Clever Little Bag can save up to 275 tons of plastic. PUMA's apparel will be bagged in sustainable biodegradable materials replacing traditional polyethylene bags. This means that 720 tons of polyethylene bags can be avoided per year, which equals a saving of 29 million plastic bags and saves 192 tons of plastic. Replacing paper bags will save 293 tons of paper annually. All of PUMA's packaging materials used will be fully sustainable by 2015.

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