Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ten Videos from the 2011 Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo

Renewable Energy World North America Conference & Expo is the leading event for the renewable industry and has been for eight years running. Here is's video coverage of the event:

Emissions Regulations Create Opportunities for Renewables

A roundtable discussion on how emissions controls regulations will boost the market for renewables. To see this video click here.

Can the U.S. Compete in Clean Energy Manufucturing?

Jonathan Iovino, VP of Complete Energy Systems, talks about how the U.S. can compete in clean energy manufacturing. To see this video click here.

Company Showcase: AETI

In this company showcase video, AETI's John Skibinski shows off the company's new 900 kW to 3 MW scaleable wind converter. To see this video click here.

Idaho's Clean Energy Push

In this showcase video, Michael Rotchford of the Idaho Department of Commerce describes why Idaho is a good place for clean energy companies to invest. To see this video click here.

Looking Beyond the Treasury Grant Program

Greg Jenner, a partner with Stoel Rives, talks about how the industry will develop projects after the Treasury Grant Program expires at the end of this year. To see this video click here.

Achieving Financial Scale in Renewables

Jamie Boyd, the senior vice president of Cascadia Capital, talks about how to bring clean energy into the financial big leagues. To see this video click here.

Colleen Campbell on Building and Permitting for PV

Debra Vogler sits down with Colleen Campbell, Business Development Director with CH2M Hill to talk about the complex building and permitting issues that go hand in hand with PV project development. To see this video click here.

Nancy Hartsoch Gives CPV Status Report

PV World's Debra Vogler talks with Nancy Hartsoch of SolFocus and the CPV Consortium about the status of the concentrating PV market. To see this video click here.

Northern Power on Community Wind Farm Development

Stephen Lacey sits down with Parthiv Amin of Northern Power to discuss the importance of community wind farm development. To see this video click here.

National Hydropower Association on Wind and Hydro Integration

Hydro Review's Russell Ray talks wind and hydro intergration with National Hydropower Association former and current presidents. To see this video click here.

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