Friday, April 15, 2011

WWF-UK's Green Game-Changers Initiative for Business

WWF-UK's Green Game-Changers initiative is a "crowd-sourcing exercise" that asks companies to submit examples of green policies, products and business models that lower environmental impact and biodiversity loss.

WWF's Green Business Partnership programs acknowledge the importance of collaborative action to reverse the environmental crisis we are facing. The WWF is working closely with businesses to communicate best practices that ensure an ecologically and economically balanced future. The Green Game-Changers initiative, establishes WWF-UK as a leader in knowledge sharing for business.

If your organization has an innovative product, service or market approach, submit it here. You can also join the community via the Better Business LinkedIn group.

If the submission meets the green criteria established by WWF, then it will be featured on the NGO’s website and online networks. Examples of companies that got involved early include HP, Cisco and Xeros.

For a more complete summary, view the WWF's Game Changer Bank. See summary by sectors: Construction & materials, Consumer goods & healthcare , Energy, Finance, Partnerships/Networks, Transportation, Telecoms & technology, Water. See summary by benefits: Biodiversity & natural resources, Carbon reduction, Energy efficiency , Energy generation, Reduce, reuse and recycle, Water efficiency,

While the Game-Changers program is largely an effort of the WWF-UK, all organizations are welcomed to contribute submissions.

If you wish to share your green business with the WWF click here.

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