Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Canadians Support Efforts to Combat Climate Change

Unlike their Conservative federal leadership, Canadians support efforts on climate change. According to a joint study released in April 2011, Canadians are more likely to believe in the veracity of climate change then Americans.

The study also found Canadians are more willing than their friends to the south to pay for energy from renewable sources. A majority of Canadians said they would support a carbon tax or cap-and-trade scheme, even if it came with a cost of $50 per month in energy expenses.

A report from the Conference Board of Canada indicated that the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government spend a lot money trying to understand the implications of climate change. However, they are inefficient and there is a striking lack of coordination.

The report suggests that Canadians need a carbon pricing scheme like those in place in BC and Quebec.

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