Saturday, June 18, 2011

SolarDay 2011

SolarDay takes place on Saturday June 18 in Canada, the US and the UK (November 19 in Australia). This is the third annual SolarDay event, it celebrates solar energy and its capacity to help protect the planet from global warming. SolarDay includes events by cities, non-profits, companies and the solar industry.

SolarDay 2010 events were held in 26 US cities and included municipal proclamations declaring an Official SolarDay. One 2011 SolarDay event in New Orleans involved multiple non-profit organizations working in concert with the city.

Members of the U.S. Congress Supporting SolarDay 2011 include California Senator Dianne Feinstein. Congresswoman Doris Matsui is also supporting SolarDay with letters on the SolarDay website to encourage public participation and awareness of how solar energy can reduce monthly energy bills - while provided much-need "green" jobs for the US economy.

Event organizers see solar as the next step in the "Greening of America" movement that includes driving a hybrid car, shopping for organic and sustainably-farmed foods, doing business with green companies, recycling, saving energy and avoiding, as much as possible the burning of finite and polluting fossil fuels that play a significant role in the production of greenhouse gases and global warming.

Costly fossil fuels are a finite resource that threaten the planet and all its inhabitants. By some estimates, we have 50 years of oil reserves, 200 years of coal reserves and at least 5 billion years of solar energy. It is clear that our energy future is dependent upon the renewable energy we can harvest from the sun.

For more information, or to find local events in your area, visit the SolarDay site.

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