Thursday, July 28, 2011

EDF Campaign Opposing US Anti-Environment Bill

An EDF campaign is working to kill the Republican's anti-environment crusade. Under a bill known as H.R. 2584 Republicans are seeking to drastically cut funding to the EPA and other environment oriented government organizations and agencies.

The EDF campaign asks Americans to "Help Stop Mother of All Anti-Environmental Bills!" In an open plea to America, the EDF says:

If you care about the water you drink, the air you breathe, and America's natural heritage, we need you to stand with us right now against the mother of all anti-environmental bills.

The U.S. House is poised to vote this week on the must-pass House Interior Appropriations Bill, which contains more than 40 amendments and "policy riders."

Taken together, these provisions represent the single worst attack on public health and the environment in American history.

Please take action right now to urge your members of Congress opposing this monstrous bill, and to oppose all anti-environment amendments.

Some of the most outrageous provisions that have already been added include:

-- An amendment that would block EPA from regulating deadly pollution like mercury, smog, and soot from power plants and cement plants. The pollution that these facilities would then be allowed to spew could cause up to 27,800 premature deaths.

-- A provision opening up lands immediately next to the Grand Canyon to uranium mining, despoiling one of the most iconic landscapes in the United States, and potentially contaminating its waters with radioactivity.

-- An amendment stripping Clean Water Act protections for the drinking water sources of 117 million Americans.

-- A provision driving endangered plants and animals to extinction, by preventing federal agencies from listing any species as endangered or protecting their critical habitats.

These four provisions alone would represent a historic assault on our environmental heritage and human health protections. There are dozens of others just like them in this, the mother of all anti-environment bills.

A vote could come any day.

Please send a message to your Representatives and Senators asking them to stand against this deadly assault on our public health and environmental standards by voting no on this version of the Interior Appropriations bill.

Tell your Representative to Vote Against This Bill.

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