Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Changing Perceptions

A 2011 study suggests that consumers are changing the way they look at transportation. This is one of the key findings of an Accenture survey tiled Plug-in Electric Vehicles: Changing Perceptions, Hedging Bets.

The Accenture survey also found that:
  • Purchase price is only one deciding factor in buying an electric vehicle. Recharging convenience, range anxiety and even the source of the energy for recharging are all of concern to potential buyers.
  • Today's consumer favors plug-in hybrids over full electric vehicles
  • Utilities will have to invest in infrastructure upgrades to meet consumer preference for where and when they recharge their electric cars.
  • Utilities may face competition for charging services from new providers.
Consumer's views on hybrid and fully electric vehicles are maturing as is the market and infrastructure that supports them.
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