Monday, July 11, 2011

The Indian Government is Supporting the Development of Electric and Hybrid Cars

The government of India is helping its automotive industry to develop greener vehicles by supporting hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs). The government of India's National Electric Mobility Mission will enable companies to develop batteries with lower running cost and maintenance.

“There are several players in India making different kind of electric vehicles but lack of infrastructure to charge these vehicles and the high-price of hybrid cars has prevented growth,” said Ambuj Sharma, joint-secretary, ministry of Heavy Industries.

In India hybrid vehicles cost twice the price of those powered by a combustion engine alone. The cost of EVs is particularly relevant in India, where higher costs have slowed the widespread adoption of greener cars.

The higher cost of battery technology represents a major obstacle to the growth of electric and hybrid vehicles. By investing in greener cars the government of India is capitalizing on an under-utilized segment and building an infrastructure that will generate economic growth and reduce emissions.
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