Friday, July 15, 2011

TOA Technologies' ETAdirect Mobile Workforce Efficiency Software

TOA Technologies offers ETAdirect mobile workforce management software that lowers fuel expenditures and improves productivity.

ETAdirect is a routing and scheduling solution which manages more than 50 million appointments annually around the globe. The software cuts drive times for mobile workers, helps reduce expenditures on fuel, improves productivity and reduces paper usage. Companies save an average of $18,000 per mobile employee annually using TOA's ETAdirect.

This complete mobile workforce management solution suite accomodates the uniqueness of each business and industry. ETAdirect modules are designed to be configurable to individual needs. TOA's customer appointment management system is flexible, expandable, and infinitely scalable. And because the platform is web-based, implementation is fast and painless.

TOA's complete mobile workforce management solution includes:

Predictive Planning and Scheduling
Mobile Workforce Management and Reporting
Predictive Customer Communications
Integration and Web Services

Click Here To Download theWhite Paper: Next Generation Strategies For Managing The Mobile Workforce And Enhancing The Customer Experience.

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