Saturday, July 16, 2011

Video: Volkswagen's Dark Side

Volkswagen has made the strategic decision to produce and market vehicles that are more price competitive than they are fuel efficient.

All the major automotive brands are making radical fuel efficiency improvements to help reign in carbon. It is obvious to all but the willfully misinformed that climate change is a serious threat to all life on the planet, and anthropogenic carbon is the leading cause.

Carbon reduction on the scale required demands a new approach to the way we do business. Companies that oppose the transition to a low carbon economy are compromising their own long term competitiveness as well as undermining the environment.

Although Volkswagen does have some greener vehicles, they are also behind some of the dirtiest brands in the automotive sector.

Irresponsible companies will increasingly be punished in the marketplace. Greenpeace should be lauded for expediting what will eventually come from market forces. One day in the not too distant future a combination of regulation and public pressure will make all businesses more sustainable.

Volkswagen is resisting the inevitable and putting itself at a competitive disadvantage compared to automotive giants like Hyundai.

This Greenpeace video parody of VW's advertising compares the automaker to the Death Star for its opposition to cuts on CO2 emissions. The video encourages viewers to "Join the Rebellion" where visitors can sign a "Rebel Manifesto" to be sent to VW execs, it will then allow them access to part two of the film.

As reviewed in this video, corporations like Volkswagen that oppose cutting emissions are clearly drawing their power from the dark side of the force.

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