Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blue Planet Academy Green Certificate Programs

The Blue Planet Academy offers green certificate programs. Here are summaries of five programs:


As an agronomist you contribute largely to an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable and secure provision of agricultural products. Our society desires healthy, ethically and responsibly produced food, competitive and affordable for all, but also attractive and recreational spaces in an intact and diverse natural and cultural landscape.
Certificate of Science in Agriculture
6 semesters

Electrical Engineer RES (Renewable Energy Sources)

Electricians install, maintain and repair all electrical installations in and outside of buildings. Your work includes installation, commissioning and operation of electrical equipment and electronic systems. Energy production and supply of renewable energy sources are utterly important for the future and therefore one of the most important tasks during this course. Thanks to the intense and specific training in renewable and alternative energy sources you will profit of excellent career opportunities.
Certificate of Science in Electrical Engineering
6 semesters

Environment Expert

We bring together science, technology, design and the social sciences. This unique apprenticeship will equip you with the knowledge needed to address the urgent problems our world faces – from environmental issues like climate change and the scarcity of critical resources like food and water, to urban growth, globalisation and sustainability.
Certificate of Science in Environments
6 semesters


Recyclists are professionals who collect, sort and separate salvage of any sort into their components. Furthermore you provide all that's needed for recycling. You deliver non-recyclable materials to environmentally acceptable disposal zones.Your work ensures the reutilization of used materials. Thanks to recycling the limited resources of our planet can be conserved.
Certificate of Science in Recycling
6 semesters

Water Technologist

The key challenge for mankind's future is the reliable supply of safe drinking water, our No. 1 nutrient. Water knowledge and professionally educated process specialists are in high demand. As a water technologist, you can follow various career opportunities in water management, such as planning, constructing and operating water treatment systems, the optimization of drinking water, wastewater and process water treatment, the selective removal of pollutants from water and the exploitation of water resources
Certificate of Science in Water Management
6 semesters

For more information, contact Blue Planet Academy here

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