Tuesday, August 30, 2011

E-Learning Course on the Legal Frameworks of Sustainability

A new online course is being offered for those who want to deepen their expertise by knowing more about the legal frameworks surrounding sustainability. The course is being offered from October 10 to November 4, 2011. The four week e-learning course titled "Legal Preparedness for the Green Economy," costs 350 euros or 505 USD.

The overall objective of this e-learning course is to enable self-paced training which aims to enhance the capacity of legal experts, and those in the public and private sector.

The course is not only intended for lawyers, it is also intended for environment specialists from the public and private sector and those involved with climate change, natural resources, energy and finance. The course is also well suited to those who do development work and officials from National Authorities, OECD, FAO, UNCBD and UNFCCC.

People who could benefit from this course include those involved with energy, natural resources, agriculture, social responsibility and other officers and managers of institutions and businesses. In effect, all of those who are overseeing the legal framework for the transition from the current “brown economy” to the Green Economy.

The course helps participants to recommend actions on how to strengthen sustainable development law, policy and practice to facilitate the emergence of a Green Economy (regulations, management system and procedures) in their countries.

Candidates should have a University degree and be working in the field of supervision of climate-related projects execution and have practical experience in that field.

Participants will acquire substantive knowledge and practical skills in a structured online learning sequence through case studies, role plays (whenever possible), online simulated exercises and sharing in-country best practices.

The e-learning course will have:
- Weekly online discussions through asynchronous discussion boards;
- Secure e-mail exchanges within the course portal;
- Exchange of documents;
- Sharing of participant profiles for better networking;
- Online IDLO mentoring moderators.

See the detailed course description here.

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