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Green Education at San Diego State University College of Extended Studies

San Diego State University College of Extended Studies understands the value of a green education. The college offers professional Certificates in three sustainable areas: Green building, energy management and sustainable practices. Students also have the option to customize their green courses to better fit their career objectives. These training programs are Military Spouse and Workforce Partnership approved.

Professional Certificate in Green Building Construction

This program is geared for those interested in the implementation of sustainable building tools and strategies. It is also recommended for professionals moving into fields that require knowledge of green building or sustainable design, or anyone who recognizes the emerging importance of sustainable design and its impact on our daily life.

The program consists of courses like, Fundamentals of Green Building Design and Construction, Construction Materials and Processes, Building Green Buildings – The Contractor’s Perspective, LEED for New Construction – Applying the Guidelines, and Green Building Commissioning.

Learn about environmentally sustainable construction in construction management education. Expand your existing knowledge base to assist in the preparation for the LEED accreditation exam.

This program is intended for professionals in the design and construction industries who are seeking to further their career, including: design professionals, construction consultants, contractors, subcontractors and builders, planners and commissioners, facilities managers and stakeholders, environmental engineers, and decision-makers in the construction field, and anyone interested in getting into the green job market.

Professional Certificate in Green Energy Management Online

This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge necessary for a career in energy management and renewable energy technology. This course is geared towards Improving knowledge of sustainable energy production and application of green energy production systems. Online courses emphasize an energy overview, energy efficient technologies, solar alternatives, sustainable back-up heating systems and renewable energy options, energy audits, converting to renewable energy, green sales strategies and concepts, the newest legislation, and new trends.

The program consists of courses like Introduction to Renewable Energy; Converting to Renewable Energy; Energy Efficiency, Evaluation, and Design; Energy Auditing: The Metrics of Green Building; and Environmental Economics and Policy Making.

This program is intended for professionals and individuals interested in and/or involved in the energy field including: design professionals, green sales, architects, contractors, sub-contractors, professionals involved in energy production and consumption, project and facility managers, and individuals wanting a career in the green energy field.

Professional Certificate in Residential and Commercial Sustainable Practices Online

The Sustainable Practices Certificate offers best practices and sustainable trends in order to take a proactive role in driving the workforce and the home. Students will define sustainability; learn the history of green, new policies and laws, codes and standards, new trends, all with a focus on green jobs. In addition, students will gain critical perspective and understanding of sustainable management in work and residential environments, and in career options.

Overview of Sustainability, Green Solutions for the Home, Strategies for Creating and Maintaining a Green Facility, Creating High Performance Green Commercial Offices, and Global Sustainability and Future Trends.

This program is intended for people seeking a career change, those wanting to make a positive difference in society, land use planners and planning commissioners, interior designers, architects, contractors and construction professionals, real estate professionals, project and facility managers, prospective home owners, and consultants in related fields.

For more information click here.For more information by phone call (619) 265-SDSU, or email

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