Monday, August 29, 2011

Find Sustainable Education at GreenDegreeDirectory

Founded in 2010, GreenDegreeDirectory (GDD) provides educational program listings that teach principles in enhancing social and environmental equity in an easy to use online platform.

At GDD you can search over 2000 programs at 500 schools in 45 countries. You can find green education majors in permaculture, economics, ecology, renewable energy, ecotourism, environmental technology, earth science, Green IT, GIS, aquaculture, resource management, hydrology, sustainable development, and environmental justice. There is even a green education section for K-12.

The GDD site has a lot of useful information on sustainable degees, certificates and training. In March 2011, GDD launched its "Highlight Series" which explores sustainability-related degree programs and includes unique interviews with sustainability program directors and university staff.

GDD is a leading source for green educational programs in the US and abroad. Their green related educational programs including workshops, online and on campus courses and degrees.

GDD defines green education in a holistic way, encompassing all education that seeks to increase social and environmental equity, justice, and increased well-being for humans and the earth alike. GDD is a student-driven, for-profit LLC.

For more information and to search the site click here.

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