Friday, August 19, 2011

Interface Inc is a Model of Transparency

Interface is committed to being transparent about their progress toward Mission Zero™ Transparency is a way they share their knowledge and experience – providing a model for other businesses on their sustainability journeys. In this way, they hope to achieve the bigger goal they have set for themselves: to become a restorative company by the power of their influence. It is through the collective impact of thousands of companies on sustainable journeys that Interface can go beyond being a green company to being a catalyst for change.

Interface is one of the first companies to release a sustainability report with their 1997 Interface Sustainability Report, and an interactive Mission Zero Milestones report on their progress. For more information on their reporting initiatives (see Ray Andersons Sustainable Legacy: Interface Parts One and Two).

Interface shares their progress on our environmental footprint reduction and social impacts throughout the Sustainability section of their website, and in particular, through their metrics, EcoMetrics and SocioMetrics.

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