Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ray Anderson Time Magazine's Hero of the Environment

The late Ray Anderson was a sustainability pioneer who was awarded many accolades including one from TIME Magazine. Ray Anderson is the founder and chairman of Interface Inc., in 2007 he was named one of TIME Magazine’s international ‘Heroes of the Environment.’

Ray was one of only 43 people who were acknowledged for their work to encourage environmental best practice. Other winners in 2007 included Prince Charles and Al Gore. Ray commented, “To be recognized alongside such notable people is a testament to the pioneering spirit of Interface. If a single, $1 billion company can make a difference, imagine the impact if everyone did it.”

Ray went on to say, “Interface is positive proof that sustainability opens up new, different and better ways of thinking. Out of that new mind-set is a better way to a bigger profit, and a significant competitive advantage.” Ray calls this business model, “Doing Well by Doing Good.”

In addition to being named one of Time Magazine's Heros of the Environment, Ray was also called the "Eco CEO" by Metropolis magazine.

Ray Anderson will be remembered as a sustainable leader and a visionary entrepreneur who showed us the way.

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