Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ray Anderson's Interface One of the "Best Corporate Citizens"

Ray Anderson's Interface Inc, was consistently among the 100 Best Corporate Citizens even as the economy began to show signs of recession in 2007. The 100 Best Corporate Citizens is an annual survey that focuses on the corporate responsibility performance of major U.S. companies. Winners are selected from a list of more than 1,100 of the largest publicly traded companies in the U.S.

The list was created by Business Ethics magazine, which was incorporated into The CRO in 2006. The CRO is a premier membership organization for Corporate Responsibility Officers.

In 2007 the environment was central to the 100 Best and Interface was amongst those showing increasing corporate focus by using sustainable materials and tackling climate change. In 2007 Interface, Inc. advanced on the list to the 16th position. "Interface's steady rise from 65th to 24th to 16th...on the 100 Best Corporate Citizens lists indicates the firm's continued commitment to, among other things, its Mission Zero program to eliminate negative impact on the environment by 2020," said Jay Whitehead, CEO of The CRO and CRO Magazine.

In addition to environmental considerations, the 100 Best list is about being profitable while demonstrating a long-term commitment to corporate responsibility practice. "The 100 Best distinguish themselves from their peers at other large public companies by embracing higher standards-combining strong financial performance with responsible practices on environmental and social issues," said Michael Connor, Publisher and Editor of CRO magazine.

The companies considered for the list are ranked on service in eight stakeholder categories: shareholders, community, governance, diversity, employees, environment, human rights, and product. The shareholder score is based on three-year average total return (stock appreciation plus dividends) .

Michael Connor, Publisher and Executive Editor of Business Ethics said, “Interface’s repeat performance on the list of 100 Best is recognition of the company’s commitment to sustainability - demonstrating that being a good corporate citizen translates into good business.”

“Our commitment to best practices in environmental responsibility sustained Interface, Inc., during an unprecedented downturn in the corporate office market,” said Dan Hendrix, CEO of Interface, Inc. “Our earnings momentum illustrates that sustainability is, indeed, a better way to make a bigger profit.”

Interface was also named by Fortune as one of the "Most Admired Companies in America" and the "100 Best Companies to Work For."

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