Sunday, August 28, 2011

Social Business at Blue Planet Life

Blue Planet Life is a dedicated social business meeting the social goal of lifting life standards of the poor by education and by addressing the world community with issues of humanity and nature to bind people of all directions for one issue: to secure life on planet earth for the future.

The rules of Blue Planet Life's social business are as follows:
  • Blue Planet Life is driven by a social cause.
  • Blue Planet Life offers social business participation certificates for investors.
  • Blue Planet Life pays no dividends.
  • Investors can get back the amount invested in the company.
  • The structures and instruments are the same as in a PMB.
  • Blue Planet Life sells services and becomes self sustaining.
  • Blue Planet Life recovers full costs.
  • Any profit (surplus) made stays in the business to finance the development and the
  • social business to do more good for humanity and nature.
  • they do it with joy!
Blue Planet Life recognizes the multi- dimensional nature of human beings. We need to recognize the real human being and his or her multi- faceted desires. In order to do that, Blue Planet Life is totally dedicated to solving social and environmental problems. Like other businesses, our employees create goods or services, and provide these to customers for a price consistent with its objective. But its underlying objective—and the criterion by which it should be evaluated—is to create social benefits for those whose lives it touches.

Blue Planet Life is not a charity, nor a NGO, NPO or a CSR concept. It is a business in every sense. It has to recover its full costs while achieving its social objective. Blue Planet Life pursues this goal by charging a price or fee for the products or services it creates. Such a project is self-sustaining and enjoys the potential for almost unlimited growth and expansion. And as the social business grows, so do the benefits it provides to society.

Like any business, Blue Planet Life cannot incur losses indefinitely. Profitability is important to a social business. But any profit it earns does not go to those who invest in it. Rather than being passed on to investors, the surplus generated by the social business is reinvested in the business. Ultimately, it is passed on to the target group of beneficiaries in such forms as lower prices, better service, and greater accessibility.

The business one creates with social business is self-sustaining. There is no need to pump in money every year. It is self-propelling, self-perpetuating, and self-expanding. Once it is set up, it continues to grow on its own. You get more social benefits for your money.

Investors in a social business get their money back. They can reinvest in the same or a different social business or any other business. This way, the same money can bring more benefits.

Blue Planet Life is social business. It has the power and ability to raise living standards and bring about a sustainable change in the behavior of the individual for the benefit of nature and humanity.

It is the nature of a social business not only to address such a social cause but to achieve the goals with the possibilities of a PMB, pay back investments and do it with joy and happiness.

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