Sunday, August 7, 2011

Social Network for Sustainable Development

The number of social networks is rapidly growing and for the sustainably minded networker, there is enviMotion. Some members compare enviMotion to a mix between Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Groupon. This social network is designed to bring together all those interested in sustainable development. The network welcomes businesses and NGOs involved in sustainability, industry experts, and others committed to sustainable development.

enviMotion allows everyone to be a part of information sharing and discussions on sustainable development related topics, news and special offers.

Members can share their sustainable development commitment and get the latest news on environmental policies and processes. The platform is well suited to creating partnerships. Specialists (companies whose activity is directly linked with sustainable development), can communicate on their activity, projects, and sustainable development policy. Specialists can also add jobs and internship listings.

More than 460 companies, associations and communities from 20 countries have already joined this social network.

To find out more or to join click here.

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