Sunday, August 14, 2011

US Government Incentives for EVs

The US Government is considering EV incentive programs to encourage early adoption and market entry. To help the American automotive sector to meet the new fuel efficiency standards, US government agencies like the EPA are considering a number of incentive programs. These programs would be designed to encourage early adoption and introduction into the marketplace of advanced technologies.

Incentives being considered include those for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and fuel cells vehicles. The government is considering advanced technology packages for large pickups, such as hybridization and other performance-based strategies and credits for technologies with potential to achieve CO2 reductions and fuel economy improvements.

For more information see the report entitled Driving Efficiency: Cutting Costs for Families at the Pump and Slashing Dependence on Oil (pdf).

The EPA is also planning to propose provisions for credits for improvements in air conditioning systems, treatment of compressed natural gas, continued credit banking and trading.

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