Saturday, August 20, 2011

Videos: Interface's Sustainability Challenges are Being Met with Innovation, Partnerships and Collaboration

Interface has successfully overcome many challenges through innovative thinking, partnerships and collaboration with their stakeholders. There is a great deal we can learn from Interface's journey. In the process of making their company sustainable, Interface has also doubled profits. Interface's sustainable journey is known as "Mission Zero" to realise this mission the company had to overcome many common challenges including things like technology barriers and costs.

Replacing their virgin, petro-chemically derived fibers with recycled fibers is one of the biggest challenges they faced - the transition to recycled and biobased fibers is complex and costly. Interface is working closely with their nylon suppliers, and they are pioneering a recycling system, called ReEntry®, to produce recycled materials from old carpets. ReEntry demonstrates the power of partnership. Thanks to greater access to recycled nylon Interface is starting to see a path to producing closed loop carpet products. Watch the Video.

Their ambitious sustainability goals include reducing impacts on the environment to achieve zero environmental footprint. The people at Interface have embraced this bold vision, and they have already achieved significant progress. This goal demands constant improvement and attention, but the ambition of this goal encourages Interface to dream big and accomplish the thing they never thought possible. Watch the Video.

Interface's sustainability vision has transformed their culture, but building an engaged culture is an ongoing process. By stimulating organizational learning, creating forums for idea-sharing and celebrating successes, Interface is working to leading the way in the creation of sustainable corporate cultures. Watch the Video.

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