Monday, September 12, 2011

2011 International Green Schoolyard Conference: Engaging Our Grounds

Between September 16th and 18th, the 2011 International Green Schoolyard Conference will be held in San Francisco and Berkeley. The green schoolyard movement is growing rapidly and flourishing around the world. Schools are re-imagining their grounds, replacing their extensive paved surfaces with a vibrant mosaic of outdoor learning and play opportunities. Schools in many different countries are leaders in this field, finding innovative ways to weave curricula into their landscapes, diversify their recreational offerings, enhance their local ecology, and reflect their unique location and cultural context.

“Engaging Our Grounds,” is the first International Green Schoolyard Conference held in the United States, September 16-18, 2011. Participants will hear about cutting edge schoolyards and school gardens, meet like-minded colleagues from the United States and abroad and share ideas. Participants will also tour local school grounds including the Edible Schoolyard, the City of Berkeley’s Adventure Playground, and Rosa Parks School, with a green schoolyard created by the school community.

There will be information sessions from visionary leaders of the school ground movement from Canada, England, Germany, Japan & Sweden will share their experiences, case studies, and best practices.

Speakers will include:

- Dr. Petter Åkerblom, Movium & Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Uppsala, Sweden)
- Cam Collyer, Evergreen (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
- Manfred Dietzen, Grün macht Schule (Berlin, Germany)
- Mary Jackson and Julie Mountain, Learning through Landscapes (Winchester, England)
- Dr. Ko Senda, Environment Design Institute (Tokyo, Japan)
- Bernard Spiegal, Playlink (London, England)
- Birgit Teichmann, Teichmann Landschafts Architekten (Berlin, Germany)

Engaging Our Grounds is open to the public from the United States and around the world: teachers, parents, school administrators, designers, nonprofit organizations, environmentalists, and community members.

For registration information, go to the conference website.

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