Sunday, September 18, 2011

College Students Touring the Nation to Promote Sustainability

In the summer of 2011 a group of college students traveled the country in what they call, "The Big Green Bus" to teach people about the importance of sustainability.

These 13 Dartmouth College students embarked on a road trip across America to talk about going green. The bus/teaching tool they traveled in runs on waste vegetable oil and is outfitted with solar panels, eco-friendly wood floor, florescent lighting and bamboo countertops talking about sustainability.

Their mission is to help create a future that sustains people, the environment, and the economy. They promote awareness and enthusiasm for sustainability through the sharing of information and innovation.

The Big Green Bus has traveled around 12,000 miles across the country. "It holds 290 gallons. We get about 67 miles per gallon. So we can go about 1,800 miles on this one tank," said Joe Coleman, a chemistry and economics major at Dartmouth College and the Head of Public Relations and Fundraising for the 2011 Big Green Bus Tour.

"This is just something that we're all really passionate about. We're all from different years. We're all from different majors, but we're all interested in the environment and sustainability," said Coleman.

"Our focus is really showing people how our bus is an example of, yes, a big change, but also a lot of small changes. Inside our bus we have examples of ways to green your home," said Hannah Iaccarino, a neuroscience major.

"Basically we use the bus as a starting point. So we talk about the bus, what's on it, then people ask questions. It's really encouraging to see how excited people are," said Coleman.

The students did not just share their passion for green, they also found sustainable success stories along the way.

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