Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Green Building Council's World Green Building Week 2011: Powerful Plants

World Green Building Week takes place between the 19th and the 23rd of September. Green Building Week is a global event organised by the World Green Building Council.

In honor of World Green Building Week 2011, eFIG will be presenting a webinar called Powerful Plants on Friday 23rd September. The webinar will explain how important plants are to our well-being and to the environments in which we work. As they explain on their site, plants are an essential part of any sustainability programme. The webinar explains why every building should have plants indoors as well as outdoors. And how these can contribute to the UK Government's Happiness Index and their targets to reduce absenteeism. The webinar will be hosted by Brighttalk and will be available to view after the event as well.

Check out the UK Green Building Council’s website for more events taking place during the week 19th to the 23rd of September.

For the full schedule of Green Building Week events click here.

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Phil Grahm Salt said...

Green building is a necessity in the UK nowadays. According to reports, 25 percent of the total carbon emissions in the UK comes from buildings and in order to reduce the country's carbon footprints, it is so critical to build green buildings. No wonder Parliament has mandated that has mandated that in the building regulations part L