Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moving Planet Across Canada

Nearly every province in Canada got involved in Moving Planet. Canadians participated in more than 100 events including a Dene drum circle in Yellowknife, a bike ride in PEI and a massive bicycle march through downtown Vancouver.

The message of Moving Planet is about moving beyond fossil fuels—especially the dirtiest ones known on earth, the Alberta Tar Sands. In the past month, the movement to stop the tar sands—and the Keystone XL pipeline running across the US-Canada border—has taken an incredible turn. People all over the world have been inspired to take action. To commemorate the Moving Planet event, Canadians are showing their commitment to moving beyond fossil fuels.

In Vancouver, friends from Youth for Climate Justice Now and the Wilderness Committee led a massive bike ride through the city to call for better transportation policy in the city.

In Toronto, and in events all across Ontario, communities came together to celebrate the Green Energy Field Day, a day to move beyond fossil fuels and celebrate the province’s steps forward in supporting clean energy. A solar powered rally was held in Queen’s Park.

In Montreal, national partner organizations hosted a sustainable picnic and “kilometre drive” in Jeanne-Mance Park.

In Winnipeg, First Nations leaders guided a sustainable parade through town, followed by speeches and a rally at the legislature.

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