Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moving Planet Unites the World

Global warming is the one problem that affects everyone everywhere. The idea behind Moving Planet is simple, to win the fight against climate change, we need a global movement. Millions of people on different continents and in different languages, sharing the common idea that we need to move beyond fossil fuels.

On September 24th, Moving Planet inspired over 2000 events in more than 175 countries. The event builds local and global power at the same time.

Organizers in Tonga, just West of the International Date Line, officially kicked off the big day with a sunrise ceremony. Indonesia staged a 350-hour bike ride, and in India the Naya Swara Yatra (New Independence Journey) bike team left Nagpur bound for Mumbai with their message, “it’s time to move past fossil fuels”.

The “Eco-lympic torch” took place in Rio de Janeiro via skateboard, foot, and bike. A “human flood” of blue shirts were visible in Cairo, and there was a parade of fuel-free floats across Cape Town.

The climate crisis is serious business -- we know that even right now there are people suffering from drought and floods caused by climate change around the world. Our hearts are with them -- and our bodies are going to be in motion, helping show our neighbors what the future can look like.

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