Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nike and H&M Bow to Greenpeace's Detox Challenge

A Greenpeace initiative known as the "Detox Challenge," is working to create a future free of toxic substances. Nike bowed to pressure from the Greenpeace campaign after only five weeks, and H&M agreed to comply not long after that. Both companies have promised to eliminate hazardous chemicals throughout their entire supply chains.

Nike has vowed to remove hazardous substances from across their entire supply chain, and the entire life-cycle of its products, by 2020. The sportswear giant have also promised to use their influence, knowledge and experience to bring about “widespread elimination” of hazardous chemicals from the clothing industry, Greenpeace says.

“Within eight weeks, Nike Inc. will announce its action plan for the goal of eliminating hazardous chemicals within our supply chain addressing transparency, chemical management, including how we will address the need for industry disclosure in line with right to know principles and a timeline for the elimination of the highest priority hazardous chemicals,” Nike said in a statement. “Nike Inc. is committed to the goal of zero discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020.”

Most recently Greenpeace asked H&M, Europe’s second largest clothing retailer to commit to eliminating all uses and discharges of hazardous chemicals throughout its entire supply chain. In late summer of 2011, H&M joined Nike, Puma and adidas in pledging to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals from all its product production processes by 2020.

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