Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Packaging Strategies' Sustainable Packaging Forum 2011

Packaging Strategies' Sustainable Packaging Forum 2011 takes place between September 20 and 22 in Dallas, Texas. This Forum focuses on the latest sustainable packaging practices, business strategies and technologies from across the globe that support company growth while meeting today's sustainability challenges.

For seven years, it has been the place to find solutions and innovations to implement as part of your sustainable packaging initiatives and policies going forward.

The Forum is designed for sustainability executives, package developers, packaging managers and engineers, operations managers and directors, and R&D managers from CPG and converter companies. the Forum addresses packaging materials, machinery, service and solution providers; packaging consultants; market analysts and researchers.

At the Forum, participants will:
  • Hear top sustainability executives from CPG companies, retailers and converters reveal how their sustainability programs were successfully implemented and executed while meeting bottom-line goals
  • Participate in meaningful discussion and debate on how new trends and challenges in sustainable packaging will affect the packaging industry
  • Learn how sustainability initiatives in such areas as recycling and reuse, climate change, alternative materials, source reduction and supply chain collaboration will affect packaging over the next decade
  • Understand how sustainability affects differing materials and packaging formats, with a broad focus on the challenges and opportunities for all packaging areas
  • Uncover global trends and opportunities, including a look at the regulatory environment, that may not be apparent but will affect the industry’s forward momentum
  • Network with top CPG producers/brand owners in a relaxed environment
  • Meet the industry's leading suppliers of packaging materials, components, machinery and services offering the latest in technologies, innovations and support at the Wednesday evening Expo reception.
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