Monday, October 31, 2011

7 Billion Actions: A Global Movement For All Humanity

On 31 October 2011, the world’s population reached 7 billion. The ever increasing population is expected to overwhelm the earth's carrying capacity. A movement titled, '7 Billion Actions,' is rallying people and organizations around the world to address the challenges of overpopulation.

This campaign touches upon different issues, including issues related to the environment and urbanization. Every one of us has a unique role and an inherent calling to help one another and to make the world a better place. Every organization has a responsibility to help solve the problems larger than any one person can tackle alone.

The campaigns two key objectives are:
  • Building global awareness around the opportunities and challenges associated with a world of seven billion people.
  • Inspiring governments, NGOs, private sector, media, academia and individuals to take actions that will have a socially positive impact.
Born from a unique gathering of leaders from media, corporations, NGOs, universities, and grassroots organizations, 7 Billion Actions is a global movement open to every organization and individual committed to addressing the most challenging issues of our time.

This bold, collaborative movement will showcase the stories and actions of people throughout communities around the world using an array of online, SMS, and offline activities. Tremendous breakthroughs are happening in boardrooms, labs, kitchens, and communities all over the globe. Actions and innovations that have the potential to change our world gain power as they are shared and replicated.

A growing number of global, regional and national partners are coming together to participate in this monumental initiative. Connect your organization’s vision and expertise to this global conversation by becoming one of our partners today.

For more information or to join click here.

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