Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Benefits of The ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard

The ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard defines how executives can establish an energy management plan for their organization. A recent article in CSEMag.com outlines the three factors that make the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard so appealing to organizations. They are as follows:

1. ISO 50001 is applicable to any size and type of organization in any country and to every type of building using any type of energy from any source. And, it’s designed to be integrated with organizational policies and practices already in place—so organizations do not have to reinvent themselves around energy management.

2. ISO 50001 adopters can self-certify or undergo a third-party audit, which supports small companies that can’t afford the audits, and enables the larger companies to boast their certifications. And, the ISO brand is regarded highly all over the world. This isn’t yet another new standard by yet another new organization nudging its way into the crowded green scene.

3. ISO 50001 is supported by the U.S. EPA Energy Star program and the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE). EPA and DOE will release tool kits in October 2011 to help organizations adopt ISO 50001, and the standard is being embedded in overarching programs, such as the Superior Energy Performance program for manufacturers.

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