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Business Metrics at the 2011 Sustainable Brands Event

Explore the future of sustainable business metrics and measurement. This SB Issues in Focus one day event, in partnership with The Wharton School, looks at the retooling of key business metrics to optimize business for sustainable success in the 21st Century. Join other financial and non-financial managers seeking knowledge in the progression of work that measures and values both positive and negative environmental and social impacts of business activity. Industry leaders will collaborate on issues such as valuing eco-system services, moving environmental impact onto the balance sheet, and putting goals in context. October 24, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA.

One of the most compelling challenges of our time involves reassessing paths to value creation and sustainable business success. Underpinning the successful transformation of business is a need to identify a new set of metrics by which value is measured. By doing so we can put business in a better position to set strategy and goals that dependably support both near term success and long term continuity.

Produced by Sustainable Life Media in partnership with The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania's IGEL (Initiative for Global Environment Leadership), this 1 day SB: Issues in Focus Conference will explore the forward edge of thinking and progression of work taking place on measurement and valuation of both positive and negative environmental and social impacts of business activity. Various key initiatives will be presented and time will be devoted for interactive and thought provoking discussion throughout the day.

Questions that will be addressed include:
  • How can your environmental and social impact activities be set in the context of what would constitute true sustainability of your activities?
  • What kind of shareholder value is, or might be created from your sustainability efforts?
  • What kinds of metrics or scorecards are taking shape to help you measure the various aspects of your environmental impact (organization, product, supply chain, whole industry, etc.)
  • Are you properly accounting for all your assets, or are there some investments that might be moved from expense to asset class on the balance sheet?
Confirmed and considered speakers include:

Valuing Eco-System Services: Inside the Dow/Nature Conservancy Partnership. Neil Hawkins, VP of Sustainability and EH&S at Dow Chemical Company and Glenn Prickett, Chief External Affairs Officer, The Nature Conservancy

Moving Environmental Impact onto the Balance Sheet: Another Take Puma, with PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Context-Based Metrics: Taking Sustainability Literally. Mark McElroy, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Organizations and leading researcher in context based metrics

Human Value Added: People as an Asset on the Balance Sheet. Wharton 1989 Alum Paul Herman, investment advisor and author, The HIP (Human Impact & Profit) Investor in conversation with Pioneer InfoSys about "human resource valuation"

Poverty Footprinting: Valuing Business Contribution to Development. Kyle Cahill, Oxfam and brand partner

Sustainability, Reputation and ROI – Modeling the Business Value of Sustainability Driven Reputation Enhancements. Pamela Cohen, PhD, University of Chicago and others

Modeling Shared Value of Industry Collaboration. John O'Connor, VP Sustainability Research, Gaia Metrics (formerly, World Bank, IMF)

Integrating Sustainability and Financial Analysis into Investor Relations. Dave Stangis, VP Corporate Social Responsibility, Campbell Soup Company

Beyond GDP: The Happiness Index. Jules Peck, The New Economic Foundation, UK

To register or to learn more about the innovative ways businesses are re-defining value and measuring their impact click here. When registering get a 20% discount by using the code: "3pnwsbm"

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