Sunday, October 30, 2011

Net Impact Conference 2011: Changing the World Through Business

Net Impact's 19th annual conference took place in Portland, Oregon between October 27th and 29th. The Net Impact Conference is the world’s largest and most inspirational event for students and professionals using their business skills to create social and environmental good. The Conference discussed changing the world through business with 2,600 members and community friends.

The event was attended by MBAs, undergraduates, and professionals from a variety of fields, including consultants, CSR practitioners, nonprofit leaders, and sustainability specialists. Over three days, these individuals came together at the LEED-certified Oregon Convention Center to tackle tough CSR and sustainability challenges, build their careers and professional networks, and participate in sessions that push boundaries and limits.

This year’s Conference was focused on the unexpected places where we find social and environmental efforts. Some of the world's most effective changemakers and most promising leaders explored:
  • Where creative problem solving and playful approaches can lead to serious solutions
  • Where sustainable innovations were championed by those you least expect
  • Where unlikely partnerships accelerate change

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