Friday, October 21, 2011

Sustainable Supply Chain Conference: Supplier Social and Environmental Performance

On October 25 and 26, there will be a practical conference on how to drive supplier social & environmental performance and deliver profitable efficiency through supplier buy-in and engagement. This conference will address ways of engaging suppliers on your Social, Environmental, and other Sustainability priorities. These events have a proven track record, with 900+ executives attending previous supply chain conferences.


Achieve better supplier engagement through improved internal alignment with cross-department and function teams

Enhance procurement metrics by mapping sustainability criteria against existing purchasing priorities

Galvanize how supply chain teams think about where to source and ways to incentivize suppliers

Overcome challenges associated with identifying suitable KPIs for supplier questionnaires and scorecards

Expert tips on securing supplier buy-in even when you are not their biggest customer

Powerful techniques to increase transparency and improve traceability of sourcing


Ensure your suppliers co-operate and commit – instead of just paying lip service
At this top-level event, leading practitioners will take you step-by-step from Preparation to Implementation. Hear about where to focus your efforts, what reward structure to put in place, how to develop better scorecards and questionnaires, and much more.

Equip your procurement team with crucial business tools and processes
Procurement teams used to base their decisions primarily on price, quality and time. So what about the practical and operational challenges that emerge when social and environmental priorities are factored in? The Conference will spell out how to integrate sustainability to meet overall purchasing targets, what incentives to put in place and much more besides.

For an in-depth insight about our workshops, plenary sessions and discussion have a look at the agenda.


Conference speakers have sustainability and procurement backgrounds that match the practical emphasis of the event. This is your chance to pick the brains of senior, hands-on executives from corporate sustainability leaders including The Walt Disney Company, Bombardier Aerospace, Alcatel-Lucent, Kraft Foods, Pacific Gas & Electricity, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, MeadWestvaco, Pepsico, IBM, Office Depot, Kimberly-Clark and others..

To help you benchmark from leading US and global companies, we have also recruited one of the most respected European leader in the field: Marks & Spencer. For this one session only, we will stage a live video presentation where their company’s Head of Sustainable Business will share his wisdom and experience. Extra Q&A time has been scheduled at the end of this session.

To register click here or get more information on the Conference Agenda, rates and lodging, email or call 1 800 814 3459 today.

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