Sunday, October 16, 2011

US Soybean Farmers Can Help to Feed the World

Stewardship efforts undertaken by US soybean farmers offer the kind of efficiency and sustainability we need to see to meet the world's food needs. Soybean farmers are contributing to a sustainable food supply that improves the environment. To help feed growing world population US soybean farmers are trying to increase food production by 50% by 2030, without expanding the land mass used. Biotech breeding advances are allowing farmers to produce more and healthier soybeans with existing acreage.

New soybean varieties use less water, pesticides and herbicides, yet produce significantly more crops. They do not require plowing, resulting in a 50% reduction in fuel use – a decrease in CO2 emissions equal to removing 6.3 million cars from the road. They also make healthier food products; food companies are now testing a reduced saturated fat and trans fat free soybean oil that will soon be in food products.

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