Sunday, October 30, 2011

World Wind Energy Conference & Renewable Energy Exhibition (WWEC 2011)

The 10th World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (WWEC2011) will be held from 31 October - 2 November 2011 in Cairo, Egypt. The conference is aimed at presenting, exchanging and discussing the latest knowledge on the state of wind energy utilization, turbine technologies, and renewable energies in general, local and regional energy planning, and other related topics. The special focus will be on how to harvest the abundance of renewable energy in the deserts of this world and thus convert deserts into powerhouses.

The conference will provide an open international forum to discuss future research directions towards a better understanding of the windenergy and renewable energy systems. This meeting will provide ample opportunities to present and discuss research results which will be supported by various panels and several keynote speeches with special emphasis on public dialogue. In addition to plenary sessions for accepted papers, a number of poster sessions will be held.


1. Wind turbine technology, systems, and components
2. Renewable energy system integration and optimization
3. Industrial strategies and creation of local manufacturing capacities
4. Wind farm planning
5. Wind resource assessment and prediction
6. Monitoring, operation and maintenance of wind farms
7. National policies on wind energy and renewable energy sources, barriers, incentives
8. Financing models: Equity, loans, carbon finance
9. Community power: Ownership models
10. International frameworks and programmes
11. Training and education
12. Water desalination
13. Small Hybrid systems and storage
14. Other renewable energy technologies

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