Monday, October 24, 2011

Zerofootprint Challenge is Greening Schools

Zerofootprint is putting its monitoring system to work in schools so that they can identify issues are and address them. Toronto-based Zerofootprint is a cleantech software and services company which is leveraging competitive benchmarking between peers to help determine the “green” factor for any given building. Zerofootprint aims to focus on benchmarking buildings against other buildings within a community to achieve maximum community efficiency.

The company is presently working with over 100 customers including school boards, to apply its data to drive change at a school-by-school level.

Zerofootprint uses its mapping and analytics engine to correlate multiple consumption and usage data points, like power usage, costs, emissions, etc. These data points are then ploted on an interactive map for easy viewing.

Zerofootprint tracks key information parameters (like energy use) and shares this information with students, teachers, parents and administrators. Schools can then work to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Using this approach Zerofootprint has already been able to help some schools achieve a 20 percent energy reduction.

The minimum for a Zerofootprint installation is $25,000, which pays for the analytics and dashboard that help track the progress within the organization. This information acts as a catalyst to spur behaviour change.

Zerofootprint’s key differentiator will be tying performance to financial incentives. Zerofootprint has begun to partner with banks to give special financial incentives to those who reduce their eco footprint.

Information is the first step to formulating solutions that increase efficiency.

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