Monday, November 21, 2011

Right Wing War Against Sustainability

A right wing front-group funded by big oil has launched a misinformation campaign against environmental groups and companies that are working to engage more sustainable practices. In a widely distributed letter they dismiss renewable energy and threaten to boycott companies for being more environmentally responsible.

This propaganda campaign comes from a group known as Consumer Alliance for Global Prosperity (CAGP) which is a front-group formed in August of 2010. They are behind a campaign they call "Pulp Wars" which attacks environmental groups and corporations that have agreed to stop sourcing pulp products and palm oil from Indonesia.

The spokesman for CAGP is Andrew Langer, who is the founder and president of the Institute for Liberty (IFL), one of two listed supporters of CAGP. CAGP was exposed as a front group in a New York Times article by Mike Mcintire. The other supporter is Frontiers of Freedom, a right wing front group funded by Exxon, the Koch brothers, and Phillip Morris.

On 23 November, 2010, CAGP created a report entitled "Pulp Wars" which attacks environmental groups and corporations who have tried to limit deforestation in Indonesia. The report is politically motivated propaganda and contains numerous inaccuracies.

In a letter laced with lies, CAGP front man Andrew Langer tells Americans that, "Green jobs don't work." He dismisses solar energy as "pie-in-the-sky" and he has a message for CEOs who are becoming more environmentally responsible: "stop this, or else I will boycott your company and will be forced to shop elsewhere."

The right is engaged in manipulative politics, it is little wonder that America is falling behind in green economic development. The destructive propaganda coming from the right is not only highly divisive it is making America less competitive. America is being deceived by political misinformation campaigns designed to serve the partisan political interests of the old energy economy.

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